I am a mixed media artist and fiction writer who prefers one-of-a-kind or very small batches of a design to production work. All pieces in the Gallery and those featured in WordStore are made using minimal and specially created tools and techniques developed over time.

Custom orders are a specialty and something I handle with great care and focus. Discussing to get a full picture of exactly what clients want, while weaving my own sense of what would create something truly unique, is the way I work best.

Ireland happened suddenly, seemingly from nowhere. The story is a long one and my history is woven and written and carved into the work I do.

After the sudden death of my father in 2011, I started www.LabelloPress.com; my personal tribute to him.

With an editorial background and desire to create real books, we ran International Short Story Competitions and published three ‘Gem Street’ Anthologies along with, ‘So Long Polyester’, a collection of my own Short Fiction.

All words and wearable artefacts are crafted from my studio in the Northwest mountains of Ireland.

For all inquiries and to order, please contact me directly: D@DeaborahRise.com

(c) Deborah McMenamy 2020.

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