Pictured : Neo Earrings


At the Anarchist’s party. Suddenly, there is this girl with a hank of keys clipped onto the belt of her jeans. The belt hangs loosely on her narrow hips.

She walks slowly, keys clanking, short white hair matted, a dark swirl tattooed on the back of her neck.

It is summer. She wears a tank top and the bones of her shoulders move like stones in water. She knows these people, touches them gently with a pale slender hand. Navigating the room like an ancient mariner.

In the empty space of another 3 a.m. you wake alone in your studio. And listen. Metal softly hitting metal up the staircase, outside the door.

Pages turn. You hold your breath and remember the book. Why did you leave it out there?

They say she has been away for years. Nobody knows where. Or what those keys unlock. But like something unearthed, a relic or a curse, she has returned.

When you open the door, she is gone. You stare at the book, the banister, down the shadowed hallway. Everything seen through the lens of half sleep and the shadows knit together and you think you can hear the walls breathe.

Neo Earrings.

Inspired by a hank of keys, they have drama and yet, they are uncomplicated. Big and bold without issue. A strong presence but light as a feather.

Handmade of hammered brass, aluminum and sterling silver legs and hoops, the drop from the bottom of the hook is 2&1/2″. Yes. That is a long earring however, when worn they appear shorter.

The half-oval ‘body’ measures a bit over 3/4″ in width.

These mixed metal, vividly recalled earrings have asymmetrical flair, eye-catching individuality.

They come creatively packaged with a small handmade card.



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