The urban strand beneath a waterless sky. Through torn fences and empty yards, they appear. One by one holding candles to the sun. Light the clouds on fire.

They have claimed this place as a second chance. They are builders. Breaking and making rules. Gods of scratch singing new words into old stories.

Here is where your story begins and ends. In the attics. Behind locked doors. Dancing in empty ballrooms. Curtain remnants billow in the parking lot garage. Late nights alone but always, someone hovering.

And you move through the numbered days without thinking. No plan. No fear. Without warning life has become something immediate. A finely detailed thread to follow. And within this, no script. No compass. No map. Experience is everything as you become a collector of your own history.

Down the gridded streets; an old cathedral where no one prays, hop-scotched iron bars crisscross below roofless buildings. A tree reaches upwards inside an abandoned grocery store.

Outside, the sky is ablaze with hope and despair. New life is just around the corner. You can feel it like something electric, taste the word change as it forms in your mouth while the clouds fall as embers at your feet.


Embers 1
Embers 2

Each piece is priced @ €68.

Embers 1

Embers 2

Two rustic, distressed, post-industrial necklaces inspired by a year, a lifetime, a city that remains closest to my heart.

The first features a handmade bezel 1″ wide by 2&1/4″ in length. Inside is a collage containing elements found on the streets of the city 24 years ago. The colouring is rusty and black with hints of silver. The chain is fabricated from copper-plated metal links and handmade chain. The length of the chain is 16″ and can be modified if needed.

It closes with a copper snap clasp.

The second features a handmade bezel 3/4″ wide by 2″ in length. The bezel contains more old street finds and the colouring is similar to the first. The chain is black, fabricated metal and handmade chain. It measures 17″ and closes with a black lobster claw.

These are sold individually and come creatively packaged with small handmade cards.



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