Rustic Crosses

                 Top photos…Brass (1). Aluminum (2).  Sterling silver (3). Aluminum (4).

Bottom photos…Aluminum (1&2). Sterling silver (3&4). Polymer (5). Polymer on hammered metal (6).

Priced from €30 – €45. Please contact for specifics.




Mixed Media, hand-built, OOAK and Limited Edition Jewelry. I use a combination of materials including a special mix polymer clay, sterling silver, mixed metal, found objects and vintage materials. I make my own dyes and most of the components are fabricated, including beads and embellishments.


Round Ogham Necklace – ‘Warrior’
Ogham ‘Warrior’ Cathedral Necklace
Metal and Polymer Stirrup Earrings
Quirky Broken Box Earrings
Metal and Polymer Stirrup Earrings
Mixed Media Post Apocalyptic Earrings
Ogham Metal Necklace – “Hi”



‘Absolutely beautiful earrings. So meticulous in detail. I just love them! Thanks so much Deborah’. Roxy

‘My pin gets admiration and attention all the time! I wear it almost daily – it’s an essential part of my wardrobe’. Louise





(c) Deborah McMenamy 2020.

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