Second Chance

First, the squinting Venetian blind in the kitchen. Slices of light. Two coffee cups and those words again, ‘someone is close’.

Afterwards, the Japanese Gardens. Wooden benches. Smooth stone circles on the ground.

Time. Hours. Like an out of body experience.

Time still as a pond and the lotus floating on its dark surface.

This tiny ocean of memory. And you think of your youth and snorkeling and finding a pearl. Everything was new then. Love was new but like the pearl, you lost it along the way.

‘This is like starting over’, you say out loud. To the pond

and the trees

and the stones on the ground.

And as you speak, it feels like a second chance and a risk in the same breath.

Asymmetrical, alternative cultured and rice pearl earrings in sterling silver and mixed metal. The original design for what are now titled ‘Mermaid Tears’, was created 24 years ago but the inspiration comes from a much more innocent time.

These measure 2&1/4″ in length. At the widest point, they measure 1/2″. The hooks are handcrafted and hammered sterling silver.

These come creatively packaged with a small handmade card. Next day shipping and complimentary postage.


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