The Napkin

There is a pink napkin on a table occupied by six people in a rustic, transcendental cafe.

There is a foreign man with hair the color of a fading sunset. His fingers skirt the edge of the napkin. His face is like the dot at the end of a question mark.

You hear the question but stare silently down at the mound of brown rice on the plate in front of you.

There is a black pen. The color of his t-shirt is brown. He waits.

You hope that’s just a ribbon of seaweed snaking through the rice.

There is one question in particular. It hangs like a chrysalis between you.

Finally, there is a name. A long telephone number.

He will think this is an ordinary napkin containing words and numbers. That this event heralds a new beginning. One that he has personally conjured.

It will not be until years from this moment that he will understand the true weight of this napkin, this invitation, as he hands it across the table to you.

But you already sense its history and as you fold it away into your pocket, can feel the depth of its responsibility.


This handmade necklace features pink cultured pearls on a fabricated metal, linked chain. The chain measures 20″. The central piece contains a larger pink pearl encased in distressed metal and measures 1″ in length.

This piece represents a hard, somewhat worn exterior shielding a softer interior. Coming out of your shell. The wisdom that comes with age.

Pearls are naturally formed as a reaction to an outside threat. They are born of protection. Moving to this new place was far from easy. I felt threatened and out of my element for a very long time. But like the pearl, adversity has formed my character. Softened my rough edges. And equally, has made me stronger than I ever believed possible.

Ready for purchase this versatile necklace comes creatively packaged with a small handmade card. Complimentary postage.

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