The woman in the time machine is here. Head wrapped in colourful cloth. Maxi dress. Platform sandals. Writing on scraps of paper at a corner table in this urban cafe.

‘Hyper-vigilance diminishes you as a person. Because you are always too aware of what is going on ‘out there’, as opposed to ‘in here’. She points to your chest. The overhead lighting seems almost too bright, like a blaring truth seen for the first time. The rings she wears are large; mirror balls throwing quick fragments of light against the walls.

You don’t say anything as you serve her salad. You bring iced tea. A small plate of extra lemon.

She gestures. Her silver earrings make a faraway sound.

‘Decompress first’, she says.

She is here from some other time, you think, the flip side of chaos, because you have slipped into a chasm. A crack in the wall of your life and have lost your way. ‘Too much has happened’, has become the story of you; the mantra of your soul.

‘If you use this prayer be careful, it works’. She presses the note to your palm. You do not pray. Not officially. Her long fingers close around your hand and there is a moment that holds your entire life before she gets up to leave.

At the open door, the breeze gathers up the edge of her dress. The sun is an egg in the sky, its warm glow spreads slowly across her face, her earrings glint and flash like Morse Code. A message of hope. Then she is gone.




Time is everything and nothing. It wraps us in the concept of itself, the one we believe goes from point a to b to c. But then, it is said that time is not linear. That it wraps around us and through us and that we can neither see or touch it. This woman I speak of was real. Whether she came from another time is irrelevant. She said these things at a time I needed to hear them. And then, she was gone. And I am to this day and will always be, grateful to her.

Her earrings were as dramatic as her clothing. Here are 3 adaptations from memory.

A modified triangle made from hammered metal. Nearly 3″ in length and 1″ across at the widest point. Lots of hoops. The ear wires are surgical steel.

A four-sided diamond made from hammered metal, riveted at the corners. The drop is 2&1/2″. The widest point measures 2″. Ear wires are surgical steel.

A fringed square made from hammered mixed metal. The square is almost 1″. The drop measures 2″. Ear wires are surgical steel.

These are very lightweight and easy to wear yet striking and high on dramatic appeal.

They each come creatively packaged with a small handmade card.


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  1. This is a great story! And really great writing. Thanks for posting.

    1. Thank you so much Stephanie. Really appreciate you reading it.

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