Coming Around

Time passes. Life changes.

I come around again. Turn to face the year with what I hope is greater clarity.

The reminder that sometimes it’s OK to find yourself lost. To wander aimlessly and finally see the benefit in this. Not like before. Always a goal. A need to be productive. A sense of panic when productive became as elusive as youth.

Writer’s block. Thyroid issues. People problems. Economic concerns. The state of the world.

Coming around to accept that I can’t do much about these. Coming around to accept myself; my mistakes, my imperfections, my taking so long to let go of all those old scripts…completely. The things I have said or done or thought that were not in my best interest but still, needed to be there.

Acceptance. Not always easy to do. And there are times that I don’t or can’t. There are some people/situations that don’t deserve my acceptance. And I can live with that. I can live with a lot more than I thought.

As WordStore approaches its one year anniversary, everything is different. And that has to be a good thing.

*In the past few months I’ve had to turn off all commenting. This is due to a ridiculously bizarre amount of (begins with S ends with M) comments. I’m slowly turning them back on. At least until the techno-idiots start up again.

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