When Worlds Collide

After the intensity of last week’s story I thought it might be time for another Sci-Fi film review/enactment to cheer things up. Or not. Because if you think about it, the implications present in this film are a little intense too.

1951 SciFi classic which is not entirely a ‘chilling panorama of disaster’ as stated on the DVD’s back cover. A review-enactment in approximately 514 words.


Music of doom.


Angelic Singing.

Something about Noah plus end of flesh plus violence plus behold plus I’m going to destroy earth.


South Africa. Observatory.

Dr. Bronson. “Frightening discovery.”

Call Pilot Dave Randall. Smooching blonde lady on plane.

Dr. Bronson. Pipe. “Time is all that matters. Money doesn’t matter at all.”

Randall. Handcuffed to Black Box.

Deliver to Professor Hendron.


Flirty Stewardess.

Randall. The Sentinel/5large for ‘what’s in The Box’.

US Customs.

Joyce Hendron (daughter) has neat hair. Pearls. A secret.

Randall. The Sentinel/7.5large for ‘what’s in The Box’.

Randall has no idea ‘what’s in The Box.’


Joyce. “I haven’t the courage to face the end of the world.”

Randall. Taps fingers.


Professor Hendron’s office. Dr Tony is there. He loves Joyce.

Cigarettes. Doomsday? Exact science. Cigarettes. Doomsday?

Black Box. 1.5large.

Differential Analyzing.

Calculations. Joyce has a ruler.


Big. Ass. Planet – Bellus.

Little. Ass. Planet – Zyra.

Professor Hendron. “Dr. Fry. Note position of new bodies.”

Dr Fry. “Yes. Yes I see.”

“If Bronson’s calculations are correct they will destroy earth.”

Joyce. Face of disaster. There is no error.


Drinking. Dancing. Smoking.

Randall. Chafing dish. Money. Lights cigarettes.

Joyce. Dances with Tony. Flirts with Randall.

Tony wants to marry Joyce.



July 24th: Zyra will be here by lunchtime.

August 12th: Bellus will crush earth.

Move to Zyra!

Astronomer. “Predicting the end of the world is an annual crack-pot event in our society.”


Here comes rich Mr. Stanton. Here comes his slave Ferris pushing Stanton’s wheelchair.

Stanton to Professor Hendron. “They think you’re a crack-pot.”

Stanton. “I choose who goes.”


Stanton. “Build it.” (rocket ship)


Top Male Engineers selected.

Top Women (incubators) selected. Good technicians!

Suitcases. Bunker.

Sign. ‘Waste anything except TIME’.


Things to take:

Microfilm lab. Books. Animals.

Joyce is cold to Tony. Stanton is mean to Ferris.

Stanton has a rifle. Law of the jungle. Humans = uncivilized.

Not looking good for humanity.

Joyce wants Randall to go.

Randall. Nope.


Evacuation. Praying. Atoning.

New York = ghost-town.


“Hour of Doom.” Nothing.

Stanton. “I think all you scientists are crack-pots!”

Blackout. Volcano! Drizzle of lava!

Collapsing bridge. Fire. Tidal wave.

Rocket Ship. Crane falls on Bronson/dead.


Flight restricted to 7,000 pounds = 44 persons.

Science jargon/fuel. Fuel usage/efficiency.

Pick numbers!

Randall. Nope.




Day 7.“Falling behind schedule.”

Day 6. “Still falling behind schedule. Hurry.”


Rocket Ship interior. Metal folding chairs.


Day 4. “Still more than 3 hours behind schedule. Hurry.”

Day 3. Randall loves Joyce.


Tony. Randall. Chat. Passengers will blackout. Dr. Fry has a bad heart.

Randall = pilot = go.


Announcer. “32 minutes behind schedule.”


Sacrifice #1. This guy Eddie returns his number.

Ferris. Gun. Steals returned number.

Stanton shoots Ferris.


Space outfits: Monk raincoat. Beanie hat.

Rocket Ship. Angry mob/guns. Bang.


Sacrifice #2. Hendron wheels Stanton away. Closes gang plank.


Joyce shocked.

Everyone naps.


Wake up. Fry is alive. Tony fibbed.


Sacrifice #3. Tony lets Joyce/Randall be in love.

“Land anywhere.”

Cheerful Music.

“Test the atmosphere.”

“Bring out the gang plank.”

“Best air I ever tasted.”


Angelic Singing. “The first day on the New World had begun…”

Absurd Film Review: ‘When Worlds Collide’ (c) 2022 by Deborah McMenamy