Words and Wearable Artefacts


Here you will find original statement jewellery built by hand – no mass production, made thoughtfully by one person – and books in print only – no Kindle or e-books – published by Labello Press.

In today’s hectic, technology-driven world where online has become the new reality, I’m returning to slow art and a more traditional approach to making.




You can custom order based on any of the designs you see in Gallery or any of the shop pages directly by contacting me here : D@DeaborahRise.com

You can also purchase through my Etsy shop at https://www.Etsy.com/ie/shop/DeaborahRise 

My latest short story collection ‘At Love’s Altar’ is now available from Labello Press along with the ‘Gem Street Anthology Series’ and ‘So Long Polyester’ http://www.LabelloPress.com










(c) Deborah McMenamy 2020.

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