Deborah is a mixed media artist and fiction writer. She loves details. Textures. Making something from nothing. She likes to think of the jewellery featured here as art you can wear. She prefers one-of-a-kind or very small batches of a design to production work.
As a result, everything takes time and attention to detail. All pieces in the shop are made using minimal tools and techniques she has developed over time. 

Custom orders are a specialty. Deborah is a collaborator which means she likes to discuss and get a full picture of exactly what clients want, while giving herself room to explore and create something truly unique and suited to their taste.
She came to live in Ireland quite mysteriously. It’s a long story.  What she writes and the objects she makes contain fragments of that story.
All work is crafted from her studio in the Northwest mountains of Ireland.

These are my Words and Wearable Artefacts. Everything I create contains history. A story. Meaning and Purpose.

Inspired by a life less ordinary, this collection incorporates individual, one-of-a-kind wearables.

Many of the pieces are in Ogham lettering which is a Medieval alphabet, reading from bottom to top, used to write the early Irish language from the1st to 6th centuries AD.

I also create specific Custom Pieces in Ogham: Words, Names, Initials etc. These make excellent Gifts for any occasion and are made completely to order.

Free Shipping to most worldwide destinations.

For now you can also purchase items at https://www.Etsy.com/ie/shop/DeaborahRise

Contact me directly with any questions, for Pricing Information, or for placing a Custom Order: D@DeaborahRise.com

Grá - "Love" in Irish €50

Peace €50

Home €50

Neo Earrings €60

Neo Silver Earrings €60

Hoops Silver €45

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