Words and Wearable Artefacts


Here you will find original statement jewelry, built by hand, made thoughtfully by one person and books in print only, published by Labello Press.

In today’s hectic, technology-driven world where online has become the new reality, I’m returning to slow art and a more traditional approach to making.



♥Beginning on November 26th 2021, my Wearable Artefacts will be available from The Boyle Craft Shop Christmas Pop-Up Shop on the grounds of King House in Boyle, County Roscommon. Please stop by and support small…

You can custom order by contacting me here : D@DeaborahRise.com

You can also purchase from Gallery directly by choosing the ‘buy now’ button on specific available pieces.

My latest short story collection ‘At Love’s Altar’ is now available from Labello Press along with the ‘Gem Street Anthology Series’ and my first story collection, ‘So Long Polyester’. http://www.LabelloPress.com









(c) Deborah McMenamy 2021

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