27th December

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Events since Christmas Eve as we move into the void before New Years. Present state of being…reclusive introspection.

*Mice. Twenty live-trapped and released. No more clearing counters each night. No more flashlight searches for droppings or wads of paper towels sprayed with Dettol.

*Technology (the bane of my existence). Website down for three days. Back online finally thanks to emergency assistance.

*Food. Two batches of sugar cookies. Doughnut bread pudding. Lentil soup. One lasagna. Birthday sushi/ramen/rice paper roll fail.

*Entertainment. Re-watched all ‘Alien’ films except Prometheus (sucked).

*Reading. ‘The Visiting Privilege’ by Joy Williams.

*Cats. Cha-cha is eating again. Dave is still grumpy. Petunia hates Dave. Vinnie eats all the leftovers. Theo is a thug.

*Outings. What are those?

Wishing you a very peaceful and calm New Year. See you in 2023.

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  1. Joey Frinzi

    Mice! Arghh!!!!! Glad they’re gone for you 😄
    Hate Prometheus – it does suck…big time.
    Happy New Year Deaborah 🥳

    1. admin

      Was so glad the mice got some sense and that we didn’t have to resort to the ‘other’ traps. Nice to find another Prometheus hater. Thanks Joey, a very Happy New Year to you too.

  2. Anki Janssen

    You are so sweet not to kill those pesky critters! They can be such a nuisance. I’m also a Prometheus hater! 😴 Sooo boring – and so nothing to do with the originals. Shame on you Ridley 😜 (I agree with you Joey!)
    And sorry to hear your website woes – a regular feature of the internet age I guess.
    I must check out Joy as I am not familiar – do you recommend anything particularly by her Deaborah?
    Finally, thank you once more for sharing your wonderful writing and wishing you a beautiful and peaceful 2023!

    1. admin

      Hi Anki…Happy New Year. I don’t see the comment I left for you, sorry. Darn technology. Anyway, the mice were very annoying but I can’t kill anything. So, had to be patient. For reading I would recommend The Visiting Privelege by Joy Williams. I’m reading it now and it is really good. Not mainstream although it will seem like it is. Her stories are unusual and there’s a lot beneath the surface.
      Prometheus was so bad that I’m mad at Ridley Scott (like he cares, right?). Nice to see I’m not alone in my thoughts on the film.
      Thank you for reading and for all of your lovely feedback and comments. It means so very much.
      I hope this year is kind and peaceful and filled with creative wonder for you.
      D. x

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