19th December

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And we find ourselves here again. On the trembling edge of a new year. Expectation cast into the unknown. The desire for closure; close the book, see it gone, tucked away high on the shelf of time. The hope to wipe a clean slate. Clean and white as newly fallen snow.

This fevered world in which we live. Our experiences, at times, similar. This human sameness, this tattered thread connecting our lives. Stitching our days as one.

This season. For some a time of joy. For others of sorrow. As we drive ourselves forward towards these last days. Another year passes through us. A wish. A prayer. For peace.

Walking the bridge between what has been and what will be. Goodbye old year. Your severe lessons unsettled, instructed, changed. The soul whispers, tells us to wait before stepping into the untouched year ahead. Be still. Count your dreams. Gaze into your silent heart and listen for its voice in the distance.

To those who have listened with me this year. And spoken from your hearts. Thank you. My wish for you is peace. Inner, outer, however and wherever you can find it. Be well. If you celebrate this season, however you celebrate, and even if you do not, enjoy your experience.



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  1. Joey Frinzi

    Same to you Deaborah! Your posts have really helped me “stay above the water” this past year and although no major breakthroughs (yet!) I am hopeful that 2023 just might be different. Wishing you and your family the very best across the board!

    1. admin

      Thank you Joey. That’s a lovely sentiment and I’m really hoping 2023 is a kinder and much more peaceful year for you. I’m hoping the same for me. Inner peace is my wish for everyone in the new year.
      All the very best to you and yours.

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