He wakes from a dream flickering in silken darkness

in silence drifting through a broken window

sill covered with the kiss of her fingertips.


There is no order to his thoughts but curiosity has a sharp edge

like the sword of the conqueror

carrying a chain of roses.


The ancients wear night dressed in deepest blue

she carves black trees into the barren sky

beneath the wind across an ocean drowning in her dark grace.



Land jutting into the face of the sea.



Cold as bitter tears.


The taste of salt on his lips.

‘Shipwrecked’ (c)2022 Deborah McMenamy

All Rights Reserved

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  1. Fred Blin

    Just love these posts Deaborah! You pack so much into so little, and do so brilliantly.

    1. admin

      Thanks Fred! Tough form to work with and not my forte so that’s very encouraging. And very kind of you to write. I appreciate you reading and am happy that you are getting enjoyment from the posts.
      Hope all is well with you.
      Take care of yourself.

  2. Jacqui Luscardi

    A love story ended. And from a male perspective which gives it a very interesting and insightful angle – for me anyway. And the tons of emotions and thoughts poured into it for us to ponder after each reading – and re-reading. Just brilliant!

    1. admin

      A male perspective of love is fascinating to me. I don’t understand it so maybe the writing is a way to discover that? Who knows. But that is a powerful and insightful comment, Jacqui. There are many times when it takes the reader to see beyond the words. Thank you for looking into this piece. And writing such an eloquent response to it.
      All good things to you.

  3. Toni

    Just love reading your posts Deaborah – especially on a rainy and damp Sunday afternoon. Such lovely stories and insightful thoughts to reflect upon. They have also really helped me to get out of a very bad funk due to a bad health issue (not also greatly improved) so thank you so much 💚

    1. admin

      Hi Toni…thanks so much. I’m really touched by your words. Comments like this help keep me going when I get into a slump. I’m glad that reading has helped you with the health issue and funk. I really hope you continue to feel lifted. I probably say it too much (excuse me for the repetition) but I do believe that our words, gestures, insights, no matter how small or brief, can help us move each other along. It does seem to be in the quiet moments.
      Thanks for writing and sharing this.

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