Here comes the walking alligator handbag. Down from the veranda, across coarse sand, lounge chair wedged under her arm. Floral beach bag slung across her shoulder. Rumored to have been…

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I'm not much of a letter writer. I never feel I have the time to sit and write when it's quicker to pick up the phone and call someone. But,…

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Ode to October

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This year's assemblage of creature features October! October! Glorious month that you are. Cooler than July with its sandals and sweat. More refined than May with its midges and mud.…

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The first in a series of Commentary based on our continuing attempts to navigate life on the planet that is rural Ireland.   The new gate sweeps up to an…

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      She called me Bah-Bah. Everyone else in the family had normal names. Joe. Lily. Ernie. The most exotic, Edith. When I was old enough to understand that…

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