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No rain or wind and the sun has made an appearance. The garden is a mess. I’m bundling up and heading out there to tame what has grown wild and tangled. And there is a lot of it.

I’m not a gardener. I don’t like having to maintain a garden. For me, it’s a matter of mental health. A blanking out in order to work through. Resolve. Continue my never-ending quest for inner peace.

I’ll be back next week. In the meantime, have a week that allows you time to think. About whatever requires your attention.

Take care of yourselves.

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  1. Helga De Beer

    Gardening is a sanity task! We should never underestimate it. You are correct Deaborah 💚 See you next week.

    1. admin

      Hi Helga…thanks. It is a sanity task for sure! It did help me work out some things and clear my head a bit. And I even have part one of a story for this week. Pulling weeds is very inspirational…😅🌿🌿🌿💚

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