27th December

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Events since Christmas Eve as we move into the void before New Years. Present state of being...reclusive introspection. *Mice. Twenty live-trapped and released. No more clearing counters each night. No…

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19th December

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And we find ourselves here again. On the trembling edge of a new year. Expectation cast into the unknown. The desire for closure; close the book, see it gone, tucked…

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Here comes the walking alligator handbag. Down from the veranda, across coarse sand, lounge chair wedged under her arm. Floral beach bag slung across her shoulder. Rumored to have been…

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29th November

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Misty start to the day. Like being inside cotton wool. Or passing through low cloud. Mouse crap in the kitchen (they emerged from the fireplace like something prehistoric, between old…

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I'm not much of a letter writer. I never feel I have the time to sit and write when it's quicker to pick up the phone and call someone. But,…

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